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SEND: Why did they have to make it so damn hard?!

In my previous blog, I recalled the tale of my first experience with SEND. I’d assumed that standardizing nonclinical data would be straightforward, after all we have standard glossaries and lexicons from the likes of INHAND, and isn’t one 28-day study pretty much like another? Yet, this SEND thing seemed so alien and impenetrable to […]

A SEND nerd

Hi and welcome, I’m Marc and I’m a SEND nerd. I’ve been a SEND nerd for 8 years, 3 months and 22 days. The last time I referred to the SEND Implementation Guide was 2 hours and 16 minutes ago. This is what my life has become. That is what SEND does to you, and […]

Welcome to Sensible SEND

We encourage you to follow our SEND Expert and self-proclaimed SEND Nerd, Marc Ellison. Marc, along with the support of other subject matter experts, will share important SEND updates, but also will offer observations and opinions directly from the field that we believe you’ll find of considerable interest and value. We hope you’ll bookmark the […]